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gift wrapped gardens

For Big Garden dreams on a little garden budget.

Award-winning design expertise bringing natural well being to new home owners for surprisingly little money.

A Peaceful Retreat

Grow Your Own Food

Enjoy Family Time

Australian Native

Create your own Garden Sanctuary


Designs for Every Home

We'll design a garden layout to fit into most site plans or block layouts - yes, even for high-density developments!

DIY Friendly

Bring your new garden dream into reality within your budget, your DIY skills and your beginner gardener knowledge.

Developer Friendly

Get council or developer approvals fast and cheap and then pass the design to your landscaper for easy building.

garden design prices

Gift-Wrapped Vouchers

Get a group together or make a special gift of any value $299 + and let them dream up a garden worth having.

$ 299 +
Gift-Wrapped Garden

Get your dream garden design plans for your new home fast and easy, created by an industry-leading designer for only:

$ 299
Addons & Optional Extras

4 different design style options for Planting Plans - Levels and Drainage plan if your block slopes more than 500mm over 2 metres at any point.

$ 150 +

what you get

Discover what's included in a Gift Wrapped Garden:


Included in the Basic Plan for $299:

  • Award winning creative design.
  • Your chosen garden dream wrapped around your home design.
  • Plan showing paths, garden beds, placement of features, clothesline, bins, fences, driveway and specific design features for your dream.
  • ‘How-to’ instruction sheets to set out the design for easy DIY - or just hand to a landscaper to build.
  • Measurements to set out the design on the ground.
  • Materials, colours, quantities.
  • Materials purchase list.

Add on a detailed Planting Plan for $199:

  • Detailed design showing placement of every plant, shrub & tree, colour labelled for easy reference.
  • Options for Native, Indigenous, Mixed planting or total Food production.
  • ‘How to’ instruction sheets for soil preparation, planting, establishing plants and watering - great for beginner gardeners!
  • Planting purchase list.

Add on a Levels and Drainage Plan for $150:

  • Design adjustments for sloping blocks including retaining solutions and steps where needed.
  • Levels information relative to house floor level.
  • Drainage design ensuring no lakes at the back door!
  • Designed for professional construction due to skills necessary.

Add on a small Food Garden to your Dream for $99:

  • Available only if rear garden size is over 4m x 12.5m
  • Herb and Vegetable garden beds with some fruit trees in a compact space & screened from view

Plan specifics for developer submission:

  • Included when Basic & Planting Plan purchased together.
  • Title bar including name, property address, North arrow, scale and plan number.
  • Design guidelines compliance.

Plan specifics for council submission:

  • price quoted on request and dependant on permit conditions
  • specific layout,
  • site coverage statistics,
  • planting design as requested in planning permit or guidelines.

dream gardens


Peaceful Retreat

I want to come home to my sanctuary - a place that wraps me in lush, scented green, peaceful and restoring my energy.. soothing my well being.

Australian Bush Garden

I want to make a place the birds will call home, in harmony with the natural world - a place where imagination can roam free and we can feel like we’re out in nature.

Family Time

I dream of a nourishing place to create lasting memories of special times with our children, surrounded by a beautiful garden, strengthening our family.

Grow Your Own Food

A dream to bring food to the table that is picked fresh and full of goodness from your own garden. Turn your garden space into a suburban mini-farm and save on the food bill.

Herb Garden Addon

An addon to any of the dream gardens to grow herbs and vegetables where you have at least 4 x 12.5m of garden space.

gift wrapped gardens

by Betsy-Sue Clarke

Founder, Dirtscape Dreaming

and Gift-Wrapped Gardens

Our lives are increasingly technology-centric, though we're constantly told that spending time in nature is the key to our wellbeing. Looking outside, more and more new suburban homes have only fence-views and precious little space to move. Inside, our homes are growing in size to accommodate our voracious appetite for non-stop screen-based and individual entertainment. Our connection to each other dwindles, along with a disconnection from the natural world. This results in functional isolation and affects how we cope with adversity and find our way creatively to the answers we need.

There’s been a lack of creativity in how landscape professionals have responded to shrinking backyards, with these small-garden spaces never reaching their potential to be meaningful or contribute to their occupant's wellbeing. Many housing estate developers also require a landscape plan be submitted for approval, generating a demand for low-cost plans that just tick the box and help things to keep moving towards a build date.

Those plans, until now, have had little to do with creating well being, building family memories, connecting to nature or cherishing time outside.

We can do better.

Gift Wrapped Gardens are for big dreams on a little budget.

Developed by Dirtscape Dreaming, we’re proud of our 20+ years of award-winning and industry leading design expertise. We want to bring natural wellbeing to every new home lover, regardless of garden size or budget.

You can rest easy knowing there’s nothing we haven’t thought of - we’ll help you turn your dream into a reality in line with your budget, your DIY skills and your beginner gardener knowledge.

If DIY isn’t your thing, you’ll have a detailed plan to hand to a qualified landscaper - and by the way - those developer approvals are no challenge for us.

"When we moved out to Tarneit from the city, we had no clue where to start! We wanted to make a low-maintenance oasis where we could relax at the end of a busy day and be a haven to local wildlife - most importantly, we wanted to do this on a reasonable budget.

The experience with Betsy-Sue was effortless. We described the end result we were after and she was able to put that into an inspiring design. Everything was laid out, easy-to-understand and beautifully drawn - we couldn't believe that this was going to be our garden!

Nearly two years down the track and we are still so in love with our garden - it is green and abundant with fragrance and color. The best part of having a beautifully designed garden is watching the neighbours walk by, or showing family and friends around and have them compliment us on what we've created. It's been a very rewarding experience for us."


" Every time I open my gate and step through into my world, it absolutely delights me.  I feel a flow, happiness, and pride in what we have created.  A 'secret garden' as my friend describes it.  It feels like my haven. I love the colours and textures.. I loved the creation of it.. I LOVE IT!! Thank you soooo much Betsy-Sue! "


Who are Gift Wrapped Gardens for ?

We’ve made Gift Wrapped Gardens available at such an affordable price because new homes in development areas have many things in common, allowing us to create a simple, repeatable design process.

There’s some information we’ll need and your block needs to be under 800 m2 and relatively flat. You'll need to send us a site plan, floor plan and elevation drawings and we'll do the rest.

If you’d like to help a loved one on their journey to their perfect new home garden and your lucky recipient hasn’t bought their house or land yet, but think they will, you can purchase a gift voucher and we’ll take care of them.

The great thing is that if they decide to buy a house that doesn’t fit the criteria below, we can credit your voucher for consultancy or planning with our custom Landscape Design service, Dirtscape Dreaming.

questions & answers

Can I buy a plan as a gift without knowing what they will build?

Yes, you can buy a gift voucher for the value of a Basic Plan (always the starting point with planning) and add any value you like to that amount. Gift Vouchers can be used for any Gift Wrapped Gardens plans, services or plants.

Can multiple people contribute to a Gift Voucher for the same person?

Yes, if for instance it’s on a Gift Registry and you don’t know other guests who may want to contribute, just make the payment for the value you’d like. You’ll be able to download the voucher to that value and the recipient’s account will show the total amount available from all voucher values combined.

What if my gift recipient doesn’t end up building a house but buys an established house?

Gift Wrapped Gardens Gift Vouchers can be used for our custom design service, Dirtscape Dreaming for services or plants to the same value. We also have a consultancy service and Garden Coaching which may be just what’s needed to sort out an established garden.

What if I won’t be able to provide a site plan?

Just upload whatever plans you do have and request a custom quote. We’ll get in touch with any questions we have and discuss the options available.. we can always help to create the garden of your dreams somehow!

Can the Gift Voucher be transferred to another person?

Just call us to discuss, we’ll take a look at the voucher account so you will need the voucher number and receipt number handy.

What are the prerequisites for a Gift-Wrapped Gardens garden design in the fastest time?

Land size (not garden size) up to 800m2, no minimum. Slope no more than 500mm over 2 metres (will need drainage plan if slope over 150mm). No existing structures, paths or trees to be retained. Able to upload a PDF of Site plan, floor plan, elevations and materials & colours chosen.

garden gallery

These are some of the results that we have provided for our clients



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